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Welcome Our Alien Overlord

Good guess, but no, I don’t mean Mitt Romney, who won the Iowa Republican Caucuses by 8 votes last night over Rick Santorum, with Ron Paul finishing a strong third. Perry and Bachmann likely out after poor showings. Newt Gingrich is going to devote his remaining money and energy to destroying Romney, who destroyed him with Super Pac money, then denied he was behind it – says Josh Marshall.

No, our Alien Overlord is THIS:



Per CNN, this object (which is about the size of a beach ball, best I can tell) fell from space onto the nation of Nambia in Africa back in December, and has yet to reveal its intentions.

Interestingly, the commenters seem to have a pretty good guess for what this is. There is a suggestion to update the text at that link to “With 1 Flight Failure” – pretty funny.

So Happy New Year. I had a nice vacation, but, I came back. I might have actually seen this thing fall, except that what I saw streaking through the sky was last night, and clearly a meteor from the Quadrantids meteor shower. I stepped outside late to take a look up at the reported peak of the shower, and within five seconds saw a bright streak across the sky. Took me by surprise, so I didn’t get a truly great look at it, but I was pumped up for a show. After standing there in the cold craning my neck for approaching 5 minutes, I gave up.