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Born Deaf, Sarah Sloan Hears for the First Time

This is extremely touching. Must share.

This woman’s reaction to hearing for the first time (via implanted hearing aid) is caught on tape by her husband.

This is ‘hope in a time of darkness’ -type stuff. What if we lived in a society where public health is an imperative, not a for-profit endeavor? Where practically everyone is adequately educated, adequately fed and gainfully employed. And as a consequence of these, possessed of the freedom to pursue self-actualization.

Sadly we do not know what it would feel like to live in such a society – our public policy occupies the extreme opposite end of the policy spectrum, and the present political debate is whether to push that policy even farther, or to make minor adjustments in the other direction.

You can read about the tens of millions of your fellow Americans living in poverty and hunger, and the roots of the problem here, and I encourage you to do so.