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USA Women Edged in World Cup Final

Japan’s women defeated the United States’ squad in a penalty-kick shoot-out following a 30 minute overtime where Japan tied the score in the closing minutes, forcing the shoot-out. Early golden opportunities, missed by the US, proved to be crucial in the end. Japan also overcame a blatant miss-call of off side when their player was clearly on side and would have broken away to the goal.

Best highlights, here.

It is hard to feel bad when Japan has endured so much tragedy in the past year. They seemed destined to win, and surely lifted the spirits of their countrymen. The United States had a terrific run through this tournament with their own come-from-behind and penalty kick shoot-out victory over Brazil and then another tight win against France in the semi-final. They can be proud and look forward to the future. My soccer-playing daughters were definitely inspired.