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U.N. Coalition Blasts Qadafi Forces; In Japan, Suffering

Following the U.N. resolution to use any means to halt the Qadafi regime’s attacks on civilians, widespread strikes were carried out by the United States, France and Britain on Libya’s air assets and air defenses, command and control centers, and armored columns threatening the rebel capital Benghazi. Though the momentum of Qadafi’s forces – once only days or hours away from finally crushing the rebellion –  has been halted, serious questions remain regarding how the conflict will play out, and the extent of US involvement. Interesting pro & con, here.

In Japan, the nuclear reactors are not under control. Radiation contamination of beef, poultry, milk and vegetables growing in the fields is a growing concern. Large numbers suffer in the cold without power, and 21,000 are numbered dead or missing.

Japan disaster relief: where to donate.