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8.9 Quake Hits North Japan; Widespread Destruction

I woke up to news of the 5th worst recorded quake in history hitting northern Japan. Huge tsunamis surged inland causing massive damage there, and other waves are headed across the Pacific, the first are impacting Hawaii as I write, but damage is limited. Video and pictures from Japan show unbelievable, cataclysmic scenes.

Japan is probably THE most earthquake-prepared country on Earth, but we won’t know how many lives this saved until later. At least four nuclear power plants have been shut down, though no radioactive leaks have been detected.

Sadly, the death toll – initial reports are in the hundreds – is likely to mount based on the video we’re witnessing. There was too little warning, the epicenter of the quake being too close to shore. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan and all others effected.