Mauritius: A Compelling Story

The tiny island nation of Mauritius rises from the Indian Ocean as far again east of Madagascar as Madagascar is east of Africa proper. We all know that general locale from our Risk boards, right?

How has this small land – population 1.3 million – managed to grow its economy by about 5% annually since gaining independence from Britain in 1968? How does it educate its citizens for free through university, and pay for all health care? How did Britain willfully steal some of Mauritius’s island possessions, and how does the United States (via Diego Garcia) take advantage of this theft to this very day? Read this compelling article on Slate, and a linked article at BBC News.

I think we should make good with the Mauritiusans. Sounds like we could learn a few things from them as well.

For the military historians in the crowd, see also: The Battle of Grand Port. A compelling naval battle, complete with “warping” – you’ll have to read it.