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Victor Perez of Fresno, California: Give Him a Medal and a Job

Somebody give Victor Perez a medal and a job.

On his own initiative, this resident of Fresno, California, persistently pursued a distinctively striped vehicle he believed matched the description he’d seen on the news – finally spotting a kidnapped 8 year old girl being held down by the driver. Perez’s relentless and selfless pursuit, continually cutting off the other vehicle and questioning the driver, who might have been armed (Perez was unarmed), resulted in the driver eventually letting the girl out of the vehicle. Perez obtained a partial license plate ID as the driver sped off, which led to police capturing the offender.

Perez is an unemployed construction carpenter, picking grapes part time for minimum wage. The initiative, courageous persistence and sheer good will he demonstrated on behalf of a stranger are the qualities we all hope to find in ourselves if our moment comes. It seems that any employer would benefit from the presence of such a person. If I were an employer in the Fresno area, I would be falling over myself to offer Mr. Perez a position of responsibility. Let’s hope someone steps forward.

In the mean time, pin a fat medal over his big heart and celebrate his heroism.