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Oyster Power Online Off Scotland

Occasionally I like to highlight – legal hook or no – an exciting development in alternative energy. Aquamarine Power is a Scottish company developing the Oyster, a gargantuan wave-powered pump. This article at alt-energy.info turned me on to the Oyster, and features a must-see pic illustrating the scale of the device… 

The Oyster, anchored in 10-15m of water, is one component of a wave-energy power generation system.  Wave action moves the Oyster’s upper arm (reminiscent of its biological namesake’s dorsal shell) back and forth, pumping water through lines to spin an on-shore turbine, with the resulting electricity added to the local electric grid. Neat explanatory video below.

Aquamarine Power claims a farm of 20 Oysters could power a community of 9000 typical 3-bedroom homes. This device differs from other wave-energy power generation equipment I’ve read about, because the turbine (and thus, the actual electricity generation) is on shore and pump-driven, rather than part of a submerged device. This setup may eliminate problems associated with underwater generation and transmission of electricity.  Read more about the Oyster here.