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Second Life: Settlement in Bragg v. Linden

The potentially explosive “virtual property rights” case has fizzled out in a confidential settlement. Not much has been said on line, and the news is a week old. I agree with one commentator that Linden Labs was not in a strong position. Bragg has been allowed back on line in Second Life, the ownership of his property restored after it had been forcibly seized by Linden. I call that a win.

Linden gave the following statement:

Linden Research, Inc., Philip Rosedale, and Marc Bragg have agreed to settle the “Bragg v. Linden and Rosedale” lawsuit currently pending in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.  The parties agree that there were unfortunate disagreements and miscommunications regarding the conduct and behavior by both sides and are pleased to report that Mr. Bragg’s “Marc Woebegone” account, privileges and responsibilities to the Second Life community have been restored.  For the benefit of the Second Life community, the Parties have mutually agreed that the terms of their resolution shall remain confidential.  The Parties ask that this confidentiality be respected.

Another commentator who followed the case had this to say. There are some pretty good questions and some elaboration in the comments.

Put a fork in this one.