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(Update) Cádiz Court Issues Warrants, Orders Detention. Spanish Navy Blockades Odyssey Marine in Gibraltar.

Gibraltar news & info site gibfocus.gi reported over the weekend that Spanish security forces boarded a ship, the Swift Secure, after it left port in Gibraltar. Having recently shared a docking berth with a confirmed Odyssey Marine ship, there was a suspicion (proved false) that materials or equipment had been transferred between the two vessels. The subsequent detention of the Swift Secure proved a false alarm, but demonstrated the Spanish authorities’ determination to exert pressure in the escalating legal confrontation with Odyssey Marine Exploration, Inc., over rights to the suspected $500M in gold and silver coins lately recovered by the nautical treasure hunting company.

[T]he Spanish authorities have provided further proof of their resolve to execute the La Linea court order against Odyssey Marine Exploration vessels by boarding the Swift Secure.

Information received by gibfocus yesterday confirmed that after departing Gibraltar the vessel [Swift Secure] had been stopped, boarded and searched off the coast of Tarifa, just passed the Strait of Gibraltar.

The boarding and search was the logical continuation of a Cádiz court’s issuance on June 8 of a warrant to detain and search two Odyssey vessels berthed in the British port of Gibraltar. Spanish naval vessels were subsequently deployed in the Spanish waters off Gibraltar effectively blockading the Odyssey ships in port (which they have refused to leave).

The standoff has been ongoing for about ten days. Updates to follow as new information emerges.